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A Review of the Best Cycling Caps to Wear This Summer

In this article, we will pinpoint exactly why cycling caps are important for all-season use while outlining and reviewing the best cycling caps for winter, summer, men, and women.

Best Cycling Caps to Wear this Summer

You always need to make sure that you have the best cycling caps in your cycling wardrobe! They can make your cycling more comfortable allowing you to get more enjoyment from your cycling.

Whether you are looking for warmth in the winter or UV protection in the summer, there is a cycling cap for you.

If you’re the keen road cyclist, cycle courier in the city, or commuter cyclist then a cap should be a part of your cycling wardrobe. 

You may be wondering what the point of a cycling cap is and why they make such a difference to your cycling. If you are questioning these things, then we assure you that this article will answer these questions and help you see why owning one will help you get more enjoyment from your bike. 

In this article, we will pinpoint exactly why cycling caps are important for all-season use while outlining and reviewing the best cycling caps for winter, summer, men, and women.

By the end of this post your questions will be replaced with a new one: why don’t I have a cycling cap yet? Enjoy the read!

Why Do We Need Cycling Caps?

Cycling caps can be worn either alone or underneath your open face cycling helmet.

It is safe to say that many cyclists enjoy putting on a cap. Every cyclist from cycle tourers, racers, casual fitness cyclists, and mountain bikers can benefit from a cycling cap and many people swear by them. So, what is the point of a cycling cap?

In the summer, wearing a cycling cap will of course keep the sun out of your eyes.

It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a cycling cap alone or under your helmet, the peak will always provide protection from the sun while allowing more visibility in sunny conditions. As well as this they serve another purpose – keeping sweat out of your eyes and wicking it away from your face.

Wearing a cycling cap during the winter is pretty pointless unless it has thermal qualities. During the winter, thermal cycling caps can be the difference from an enjoyable cycle or a disappointing cycle.

Having a thermal cap will help keep your head warm when worn on its own and gives you protection from the cold entering your vented helmet if worn underneath.

As well as being the answer to wicking sweat away from the face and eyes, cycling caps also give some resistance against the rain. When rain enters your helmet or starts dripping down your face it can become uncomfortable and annoying, forcing you to sacrifice performance to wipe the rain from your eyes.

The moisture-wicking qualities and tight-fitting peak of a cycling cap will keep the rain out of your face and allow you to push through the rain like a pro.

Why do Cyclists Wear Caps Under Helmets?

Smart cyclists will wear a cap underneath their helmet to keep moisture out of their faces and the sun out of their eyes.

When you are peddling hard for exercise things can get sweaty.

There is nothing more annoying than sweat dripping down your brow into your eyes and wiping this off forces you to take your attention off your cycling.

Having a tight-fitting cap under your helmet improves the moisture-wicking properties that your helmet may have by extended an absorbent fabric down to your forehead.

Whether the helmet you are wearing is bottom of the range or top of the range, a cycling cap will improve its moisture-wicking qualities and also give you added sun protection.

Cycling caps are an affordable way to improve the efficiency of both your kit and your performance on the bike. You shouldn’t be paying any more than $30 for a cycling cap. That is a small price to pay for such an improvement to your hobby.

Best Cycling Caps for Women

Now you know the benefits that cycling caps can bring to you, you probably want to know what to look for in a good cycling cap.

Luckily for you, we have two women’s cycling caps that are top of their class. Each cap is made to fit perfectly underneath any open-faced helmet but they both differ in style and function.

One cap is peaked for sunny rides and offers both sweat and sun protection. The other cap is a skull cap (un-peaked) that is great for a snug fit under a helmet that has a sufficient peak already, a skull cap provides moisture-wicking along with ear and head protection.

The Santini Trek-Segafredo Team Cap (Peaked)

Santini Trek-Segafredo Team Cycling Cap

Santini Trek-Segafredo Team Cycling Cap

The Trek-Segafredo Team Cycling Cap fits perfectly under any helmet and offers additional sun protection, on or off the bike. This classic cap is a great way to show your support for your favorite pro team. Official team apparel made by Santini with the Trek-Segafredo team logo proudly displayed.

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The Santini Trek-Segafredo team cycling cap is a pro-issue cycling cap that was made for Treks Segafredo athletes.

This design has now been released for trek’s fellow riders and fans. It fits perfectly underneath any helmet and provides the cyclist with ultimate UV and sun protection.

This tight-fitting cap will keep the sweat off your brow and the sun and rain out of your eyes with its excellent moisture-wicking properties and well-designed slim peak.

This is the perfect cap for summer cycling, but it is also great for those spring and autumn showers as well.

The Bontrager Windshell (Skull Cap)

Bontrager Windshell Cycling Skull Cap

Bontrager Windshell Cycling Skull Cap

Keeping your head and ears warm really is the best way to ensure comfort on gusty days. The Windshell Skull Cap is constructed of lightweight windproof thermal fabric that traps heat and wicks away chill-inducing moisture.

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The Bontrager Windshell cycling cap is a skull cap that is ideal for cold climate use.

This cap is insulated and provides full protection for your head and ears. This cap fits perfectly under any open-face helmet. It is sure to keep you warm on cold gusty days and in the depths of winter.

While keeping your head warm, this cap wicks away cold-inducing moisture while trapping heat in.

This is the perfect cycling cap for someone that feels the cold more than the average person or someone that needs a thermal cap for use on colder days in the summer, cold climates, and the winter months.

Best Cycling Caps for Men

Here we have two of the best cycling caps for men. Similar to the best cycling caps for women, one is a peaked cap and the other is a skull cap.

Both are designed to fit perfectly underneath any open-face helmet and offer excellent wicking qualities that will keep sweat away from your eyes and face.

The Bontrager Adventure Cycling Cap (Peaked)

Bontrager Adventure Cycling Cap

Bontrager Adventure Cycling Cap

The Adventure Cycling Cap is the elevated take on a traditional cycling cap. The durable cotton blend stays with you through all of your adventures while four mesh inserts allow your head to breath when things heat up, and a traditional brim protects your face from the elements.

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The Bontrager Adventure cycling cap is the perfect summer cap for men. It fits perfectly underneath any helmet and features a peak for optimum visibility in high light conditions.

This cap has built-in ventilation and moisture-wicking qualities that are perfect for all-day comfort.

If you are the cycle tourer or long-distance cyclist then this adventure cap is your best option. The four mesh inserts keep you cool on intense summer cycles. Its traditional brim protects you from the sun and rain.

The Bontrager UV Sunstop Cap (Skull Cap)

Bontrager UV Sunstop Cycling Skull Cap

Bontrager UV Sunstop Cycling Skull Cap

The sun is no match for the UV Sunstop Skull Cap. UPF 50+ protection keeps you safe from harmful UV rays, and a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and energized on long, hot rides.

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The Bontrager UV Sunstop cycling cap is a lightweight peakless skull cap for summer use.

This highly-breathable cap is right for intensive rides in the summer sun. It is UV-resistant and is sure to protect your head and ears when the sun is high in the sky. The cap is also offering superior moisture control to keep the sweat out of your face.

It has a UPF protection rating of 50+ to keep you safe from harmful rays. This is the perfect cycling cap for the summer rider that enjoys a workout in the heat.

Thermal Cycling Caps

A good winter cycling cap should be thermal and feature protection for your whole head.

Having thermal coverage over your entire head will stop your ears from getting cold on those frosty winter morning rides.

A winter cap doesn’t necessarily have to have a peak. However, a cap with a peak will offer further protection from a wintery shower and blinding sunshine on a clear day. 

Our best thermal cycling cap for winter use is the Bontrager Thermal Cycling Cap.

This cap is suitable for both men and women. It has excellent thermal qualities and features a peak for sun and rain protection.

It fits perfectly underneath any open-face helmet. Although it is thin and lightweight, it will keep your head warm on even the coldest of cycles. This is the cap for you if you enjoy cycling in the great outdoors so much.

We hope you enjoyed our article! Make sure you check out our guide on the best mountain bike helmets. Don’t forget to wear a helmet over your cycling cap.

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