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A Review of the Best Trek Fat Bikes

Looking for the best and most affordable Trek fat bikes? We explore 3 of the best options for your needs and go through their benefits. Let’s get into it!

Trek Fat Bikes - Farley 9.8

The Trek fat bikes are in fashion at the moment and they look truly awesome. Looks aside, they offer excellent performance and ride qualities when heading off-road and into the wilderness. Fat bikes have come a long way in the last few years. They offer the user a fantastic ride and incomparable traction. There are plenty of low-quality fat bikes out there. Sifting through the bad stuff can be difficult without the right knowledge. 

Trek fat bikes are the best of the best. Selecting a bike from their range will ensure you get ultimate enjoyment from your bike from the minute you unbox it to the final trail you ride with it.

So, what makes trek fat bikes special?

An Introduction to Trek

Trek is a bicycle company that was founded 45 years ago in 1975. Since they started, they have strived to bring the best bikes and cycling equipment to the market. The age of the company has only helped their product range mature. Since its founding, Trek has been at the forefront in innovative designs and has improved its product range by using high-quality materials and leading manufacturing techniques. 

Over the years Trek has developed their manufacturing process from building their first bikes inside a barn to building them on high-tech production lines within factories in Europe and the US.

Trek introduced OCLV carbon into their manufacturing process and were at the forefront in the carbon bicycle revolution, making some of the first lightweight carbon-framed bicycles. 

Trek started developing lightweight aluminum-framed bicycles over three decades ago, and since then they have come a long way. They now use their most advanced aluminum (Alpha Aluminum) in all of their new aluminum-framed bikes. This aluminum is the most advanced on the market. It takes strength in a lightweight form to a completely new level. 

Trek has been developing high-quality bicycles for over 45 years with the cyclist in mind. Everything Trek produces never disappoints and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

What is a Fat Tire Bike Good for?

Fat bikes will take you from A to B in style, even if the journey takes you over varied terrain. The tires on a fat bike are built for versatility and durability. They will take you over multiple types of terrain safely with ultimate traction and grip. They are the all-terrain bike of the cycling world and not only do they perform well off-road, but a Trek fat bike is also light enough to take to the streets without too much cycling effort as well.

Having large volume, wide, all-terrain tires on a bike means you can run them on low pressures when taking to the trails, sand, or snow. Having such low-pressure in a large-volume tire gives you amazing comfort. The tires act as a suspension system, giving you a shock-absorbing buffer of air between you and the road. Tires on a fat bike can run at around 30PSI for on-road use. They are adjusted to pressures as low as 7PSI for use on loose and slippery surfaces like mud, sand, and snow. 

Fat bikes are not necessarily “mountain bikes”. However, their frame and huge tires allow the rider to take their bike anywhere. These are the most versatile bikes for multiple applications. They will smooth out any terrain that is set in front of them whether that is slippery mud, rocky shorelines, sandy beaches, snowy slopes, gravel trails, or even the morning city-commute.

What is the Best Fat Tire Bike for the Money?

Trek Fat-Bike Farley 5

Farley 5

Farley 5

Farley 5 is our best value fat bike and your ticket to all-season freedom. It rolls over snow, sand, roots, and rocks with the stability and traction of a monster truck on wide, beefy tires. A 1x Shimano drivetrain and lightweight aluminum frame make it a great choice for anyone who wants to ride a mountain bike year-round, no matter the weather.

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The Trek Farley 5 is Trek’s budget answer to an all-season fat bike. It is a lightweight aluminum-framed bike with tires. This allows you to roll over snow, sand, roots, and rocks with ultimate traction and stability. This bike will keep a smile on your face no matter the weather. It gives you the opportunity to get out and explore even in the depths of winter. This is the perfect choice for you if you love all-terrain riding and want a grippy, stable bike for use year-round.

This is the cheapest of Trek’s fat bikes and is perfect for a beginner. It features sliding dropouts so you can adjust your bike to suit your riding style. You can run them long for stability, or short for quick and nimble handling. It is fitted with a dropper post that allows you to quickly lower your saddle, so it is out of the way during descents down demanding trails. The frame is made from Trek’s Alpha Platinum Aluminum and the fork is made from OCLV carbon. This makes the fat bike surprisingly light and agile.

Trek Fat-Bike Farley 7

Farley 7

Farley 7

Farley 7 is the mountain biker's fat bike. It feels and handles like your regular rig, but it can surf on sand and snow, too. The lightweight aluminum frame, wide-range drivetrain, dropper post, and Manitou Mastodon fork make it the ideal ride for hot shot shredders who wanna get rad in every season.

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The Trek Farley 7 is the fat bike for mountain bikers. It feels and handles like a regular mountain bike. However, it has the ability to tackle sand, snow, and loose surfaces with its huge tires. Unlike the Farley 5, the 7 comes with Manitou Mastodon forks installed for bump-smoothing suspension and extra stability when riding demanding trails. The Farley 7’s frame is made from alpha aluminum. It features sliding dropouts and a dropper post similar to the Farley 5. The main step up with this bike is its high-quality suspension fork and natural mountain bike feel.

If you want a fat bike that feels like a traditional mountain bike, then the Farley 7 Trek fat bike is a great option. This bike allows you to ride your favorite trails.

Trek Fat-Bike Farley 9.8

Trek Fat Bikes - Farley 9.8

Farley 9.8

Farley 9.8 is the lightest fat bike we make. It has an OCLV Mountain Carbon frame, a carbon fork, carbon wheels, and a 1x12 SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain with the widest range of gears for varying terrain. This is a mountain bike with no compromises, and it's all about going as fast as possible in every season.

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The Farley 9.8 by Trek is their top of the range fat bike and the lightest fat bike on the market. It has an OCLV mountain carbon frame, carbon fork, and carbon wheels. It features a 1×12 SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain that has a wide range of gears for varied terrain, RS hydraulic disk brakes, and a 108-tooth rapid drive rear hub for instant engagement from pedal to wheel. This is the fastest, most versatile fat bike with full mountain bike capabilities. It is built for speed and will see you shredding trails fast in any season. 

If you are passionate about cycling, then this is the best Trek fat bike for you. This is the fastest, lightest, and most versatile fat bike on the market. So, if this is what you love then this bike is what you need.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Fat Tire Bike?

What you should look for in a fat bike is a mixture of things. You want to ensure the frame of the fat bike is strong but also lightweight to counteract the mass of the huge tires. This will make the bike feel more balanced and allow you to ride further for longer periods of time without fatigue. You want to ensure that the fat bike you go for is durable and versatile. It should be made from high-quality materials. Chances are, you will be putting your bike through some demanding trails, and rugged environments.

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