New England Bike Trails

New England Bike Trails

New England may be famous for its food and historical significance, but many also tout it as the place to be when you’re planning to cruise on some of the best bike trails in the country.

New England’s varied topography gives riders access to various types of terrain. Some are beginner-friendly, while others are for the more seasoned riders. New England also boasts diverse foliage that goes on full display during the spring and fall seasons.

So grab your helmet, water bottle, and granola bar and get ready to ride on the best bike trails in Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire!

The Best Bike Trails in New England

So where is the best bike trail in New England? Our answer isn’t as sleek as the Cannondale Neo SL 2 — it depends on what you’re looking for!

We’ve compiled a list of every type of bike trail in New England. Some of these trails are great for the family, whereas others will thrill those who seek the best views of the fall foliage. We’ll also share some of the best bike trails for avid two-wheeled mountaineers and thalassophiles (a.k.a beach lovers).

We’ll jump-start the list with the best bike trails in New England for those who are taking the fam along:

The Best Family Bike Trails in New England

The Derry Rail Trail in New Hampshire

The whole family is sure to get a kick out of these bike trails; they’ll certainly give your kids a bike trip to remember.

What’s that? Your kids aren’t old enough to ride yet? Not to worry! These New England bike trails are so family-friendly and safe that you can even take them on a stroller.

The Best Mountain Bike Trails in New England

Kingdom Mountain Bike Trails in Vermont

Let’s shift gears and look at some of New England’s best mountain bike trails.

These trails will appeal to both your nature-loving and adrenaline-seeking side!

Prepare for an outdoor thrill ride as you cruise on these New England mountain bike trails:

Paved Bike Trails in New England

Presidential Rail Trail in New Hampshire

We get it; maybe you want to ride New England bike trails that offer the urban familiarity of concrete. We’ve got just the trails for you!

The best paved bike trails in New England will still offer you a stunning view of the region’s natural beauty as you pass by towns and railways:

Coastal Bike Trails in New England

Shining Sea Bikeway in Massachusetts

New England faces the Atlantic Ocean. You know what that means — coastal views and bike trails that will change your life!

Marvel at New England’s coastal beauty from the seat of your bike as you ride these unforgettable coastal trails:

Best New England Bike Trails to See Fall Foliage

Best bike trails to see fall foliage

An Atlantic climate gives New England’s foliage its unique character, especially as winter approaches. The roads are no stranger to the region’s stunning and enchanting fall foliage. And neither are the bike trails!

These bike trails put New England’s fall foliage on full display. Prepare for a bike ride for the senses as you cruise these foliage-rich New England bike trails!

Best New England Bike Trails for Beginners

Best New England Bike Trails for Beginners

New to the bike game? Don’t let the long miles and varied terrain discourage you from experiencing New England’s beauty. As we’ve said, New England has something for every biker!

New England’s beginner-friendly bike trails may be easier to cruise, but you’ll get the same stunning views that seasoned riders get on the more advanced trails. Experience New England’s natural and iconic beauty when you traverse these beginner-friendly New England bike trails:

What Is the Longest New England Bike Trail?

Whether you’re working towards building better endurance on your bike or you just want to go on a long ride and pedal ‘till you can’t pedal anymore, we’ve got just the trail for you — and the longest one in New England, at that!

The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail in Vermont is a nascent bike trail that’s scheduled to reach 93 miles in a few years. At the time of writing, this bike trail already runs 44.4 miles, traversing three counties: Caledonia, Franklin, and Lamoille.

The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail is the longest New England bike trail, so if you’re looking for the longest bike ride, the Lamo Valley Rail Trail in Vermont is worth checking out!

Enjoy the Beautiful New England Bike Trails!

Whether you want to ride long or short, New England has a bike trail for you. Plan a trip to any of the trails we’ve mentioned here and get ready for a bike trip where you can enjoy New England’s iconic beauty from the comfort of your bike’s seat!

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