New England Bike Trails

The Best New England Bike Trails

New England may be famous for its food and historical significance, but many also tout it as the place to be when you’re planning to cruise on some of the best bike trails in the country. New England’s varied topography gives riders access to various types of terrain. Some are beginner-friendly, while others are for … Read more

Should I use a Presta Valve vs Schrader Valve? Complete 2022 Guide

Mt Bike tire, Boston

An age-old bike questions is should I use Presta vs. Schrader valves on mike bike? If you are new to biking, this debate might be unfamiliar to you. Eventually, though, a bike will have the value you don’t have a pump for😒 What Is a Schrader Valve? This is one of the two most common … Read more

The Unexpected Benefits for Cycling Seniors

There are a lot of benefits for cycling as we get older, mostly because we tend to be less active as we age. This leads to losing more muscles and abilities and makes us even less active because of course we now can’t do stuff we used to do when we had more muscles. So … Read more

What are Best Cycling Caps to Wear This Summer?

Summer City Ride 2022

Cycling caps are an essential part of activewear for cycling in all different seasons. The article will go into detail about the best use cases: winter, summer, men and women.

A Guide to Bike Parts and Names for Beginners

Bike with labeled parts

Understanding basic bicycle anatomy is essential for any bike owner. Most bikes have similar parts, and this guide provides an overview of the essential and optional bike parts you might find on any bike. 

How to Add a Kickstand to an eBike

E-bike kickstand

While you may have fallen in love with your eBike, you’ve probably realized that it doesn’t come with a kickstand. Don’t worry; some bikes just don’t offer them upon purchase. However, if you don’t want to awkwardly prop your eBike against walls, posts, or plants — or, even worse, dump your nice eBike on the … Read more

Do You Need a Bike Light in MA?

Night bike ride

Bikers should exercise the same amount of care as any vehicle driver on the road. Similar to those who drive cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles, each state has its laws and regulations for local bikers to follow. In Massachusetts, there are laws enforced to ensure the bikers’ safety, as well as the safety of those … Read more

How To Put a Woman’s E-Bike on a Bike Rack

Women's ebike rack

For a top tube bike, this is a relatively easy task. However, women’s e-bikes can have different frames and may not work well for some car racks. Aside from the other frames, e-bikes are more expensive and often heavier, making the right rack critical. This article will discuss how to put a woman’s e-bike on … Read more

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