How to Add a Kickstand to an eBike

E-bike kickstand

While you may have fallen in love with your eBike, you’ve probably realized that it doesn’t come with a kickstand. Don’t worry; some bikes just don’t offer them upon purchase. However, if you don’t want to awkwardly prop your eBike against walls, posts, or plants — or, even worse, dump your nice eBike on the … Read more

Do You Need a Bike Light in MA?

Night bike ride

Bikers should exercise the same amount of care as any vehicle driver on the road. Similar to those who drive cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles, each state has its laws and regulations for local bikers to follow. In Massachusetts, there are laws enforced to ensure the bikers’ safety, as well as the safety of those … Read more

How To Put a Woman’s E-Bike on a Bike Rack

Women's ebike rack

For a top tube bike, this is a relatively easy task. However, women’s e-bikes can have different frames and may not work well for some car racks. Aside from the other frames, e-bikes are more expensive and often heavier, making the right rack critical. This article will discuss how to put a woman’s e-bike on … Read more

How To Put an Ebike on a Bike Rack

Bike on car rack in Boston, MA

Electric bikes or e-bikes are quickly becoming popular for commuters and leisure cyclists. After all, who doesn’t want to ride faster and travel further while helping the environment? If you’re lucky enough to own an e-bike, you’ll need to know how to put it on a bike rack. Ebikes weigh 40-80 pounds, depending on the … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide To Bike Commuting in New Hampshire

Biking to work or on errands is not only good for your health but it’s also good for your wallet. It’s also a great alternative to driving your car to work and, in New Hampshire, where the scenery is beautiful, biking can be a refreshing ride to start your day. However, there are things that … Read more

Do You Need a Bike Light in NH?

Night ride

Biking is a great way to get around, but riding at night do you need a bike light in NH? When most people think about necessary cycling gear, lights don’t come to mind. However, in the state of New Hampshire, they may be more important than you think. Here’s what you need to know. What … Read more

Get the Right Kickstand for your E-Bike: What Works Best for You?

Bike on kickstand

Do you own an e-bike? If so, you know it’s a great way to get around town while saving on gas. Electric bikes, while not a new invention by any means, are becoming more and more popular. And with that increase in popularity comes an influx of options and accessories to customize your e-bike just … Read more

Do You Need a Kickstand for Your E-Bike?

Kickstand for ebikes

When it comes to e-bikes, there are a lot of different opinions on whether or not you need a kickstand. Some people swear by them, while others say they are entirely unnecessary. If you are an owner of an e-bike or are thinking about getting one, you may be wondering what the verdict is on … Read more

eBike Classes? What class do I need?

E-bike classes

With its pedal-assist feature, riding an eBike (electric bike) for the first time feels as if you’ve just discovered a superpower. Not only is this technological advancement a convenient form of travel, but eBikes also allow you to haul your belongings or kids easily, arrive at your destination without sweating too much and give you … Read more

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