How to Find a Kickstand for Your E-Bike: Quick Guide – Updated for 2023

0003 8 22 2022
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Finding the perfect kickstand for your e-bike can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available on the market. Kickstands not only offer support for your e-bike when it’s not in use, but also help maintain its stability, protecting it from potential expensive damage.

When searching for a kickstand, it’s crucial to consider the mounting style and compatibility with your e-bike. One popular option is center mount kickstands, which attach to a mounting plate near the pedals. Some models can be attached without a mounting plate, but it’s always best to check your bike manufacturer’s recommendations or local bike shop.

Why Get a Kickstand for Your E-Bike?

Importance of Stability and Support

A kickstand provides your e-bike with stability and support when parked. E-bikes tend to be heavier than regular bikes due to their battery and motor, which add 10-25 pounds of extra weight. This can make it more difficult to balance your e-bike when parked, especially on uneven surfaces. A well-designed kickstand ensures that your e-bike remains upright, reducing the risk of it tipping over and potentially causing injury to you or others.

eBike Damage Prevention

Investing in a kickstand can help prevent damage to your e-bike. Without a kickstand, you may need to lean your e-bike against a wall or other objects, which can lead to scratches, dents, or just a dirty ride. A kickstand designed for heavier e-bikes ensures that your bike stays upright and is less likely to topple over, protecting your investment and prolonging the life of your e-bike.

Better Parking

A kickstand makes parking your e-bike much easier and convenient. Instead of having to search for a suitable spot to lean your bike or lock it up, a kickstand allows you to park your e-bike in a wider range of locations, even on uneven ground. Furthermore, having a kickstand means you can park your e-bike more discreetly and take up less space, which can be especially useful in crowded urban environments or shared bike parking areas.

What to Look for in Kickstands for E-Bikes

When choosing a kickstand for your e-bike, there are several factors to consider. Your primary options include center mount, rear mount, removable, and double-leg kickstands. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, but they all serve the basic purpose of providing support for your e-bike when it’s parked.

Center Mount Kickstand

Center mount kickstands have a mounting plate attached to the frame of the e-bike, usually near the pedals. The kickstand itself is then attached to this plate.

Some center mount kickstands can be attached without a mounting plate, but it’s best to check the bike manufacturer requirements to see if this is an option for your e-bike. Center mount kickstands provide extra stability for your heavier e-bike since the weight is evenly distributed.


  • Have an evenly distributed weight, which gives better stability
  • Usually are more durable compared to other e-bike kickstands
  • Come in two leg versions that are great for heavier ebikes


  • Blocks the bike’s chainrings, making repairs and sometimes pedaling more difficult
  • Can be tricky to install
  • Can cause a nasty spill if they fall down when you hit a big bump or pothole
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Rear Mount Kickstand

Unlike the center mount kickstand with single or double legs, the rear mount kickstand only has a single leg. This kind of kickstand is mounted on the e-bike’s rear wheel center.


  • Considerably easier to install than other e-bike kickstands
  • Doesn’t get in the way when pedaling or repairing your e-bike
  • Best for e-bikes with rear loads (bags, kid seat, etc)


  • Can be unstable
  • Not as durable as center mount kickstands
  • May not work as well in sand or shifting ground cover

Removable Kickstands

You’ve probably seen a traditional kickstand on a bicycle before. They are usually made of metal and designed to permanently be left on the bike.

While they are durable and do the job well, they can add significant weight to your e-bike. A removable kickstand is an excellent option to save weight or space on your e-bike.

As the name suggests, these kickstands can be removed when not in use. Plus, they are lightweight and easy to install. If you are looking for a more convenient and lightweight kickstand option, then a removable e-bike kickstand is worth considering.


  • Can be removed when not in use, which saves weight and space
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Portable


  • Some are not sturdy and can wobble
  • May not be as reliable and durable as permanent alternatives
  • Can fall off or deploy

Double-Leg Kickstands

For maximum stability and support, consider a double-leg kickstand. These kickstands have two legs that fold out and provide a solid base, preventing your e-bike from tipping. Double-leg kickstands can be found in both center and rear mount designs. They are especially useful for e-bikes with heavy cargo or those parked on uneven terrain. The BV Adjustable Double-Leg Kickstand is an example of a high-quality double-leg option.

Remember to keep the weight, size, and specific needs of your e-bike in mind when selecting a kickstand.

Selecting the Right eBike Kickstand

Now that you know more about the different e-bike kickstands available, here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your needs.

  • Consider the weight and size of your e-bike: Some kickstands are designed for specific e-bike models. If you have a heavier e-bike, you’ll want to ensure the kickstand can support the weight.
  • Think about where you’ll be riding: If you are riding on rough terrain, you’ll want a durable kickstand that can handle the bumps.
  • Consider your budget: As with anything, there are e-bike kickstands to fit every budget. Just be sure to choose one made of high-quality materials that will last.

Determining the Size

The size of your e-bike kickstand plays an essential role in maintaining stability and preventing your bike from falling over. To find the right size, first measure the distance from the ground to the mounting point on your e-bike to determine the necessary length of the kickstand. Keep in mind that longer lengths are available for bikes with larger wheels or frames. If possible, consult your e-bike manufacturer’s guidelines for recommended kickstand sizes and lengths.

Adjustability and Length

An adjustable kickstand offers more flexibility for different terrains and parking situations. You can easily modify the length or angle to achieve the best support for your e-bike, even on uneven ground. Adjustability also allows you to fine-tune the kickstand’s height, providing better stabilization and preventing damage to your e-bike.

When choosing the length of your kickstand, it’s essential to consider not only your e-bike’s size but also its weight. E-bikes are generally heavier than traditional bicycles due to the added components like the motor and battery. Opt for a kickstand with a wider, more robust base and a strong, durable construction to better support your e-bike’s weight.

We love a rubber foot as an essential feature to look for when selecting a kickstand. It helps prevent slipping on various surfaces, adding extra stability and support for your e-bike.

Particulars for Mountain and Fat Tire E-Bikes

When choosing a kickstand for your e-bike, it’s important to consider the type of bike you have. Mountain and fat tire e-bikes have their own unique requirements, which we’ll explore.

Mountain E-Bike Kickstands

Mountain e-bikes are designed for off-road riding and require a sturdy, reliable kickstand that won’t swing down during rough terrain. When looking for a kickstand for your mountain e-bike, consider the following:

  • Stability: Opt for a kickstand with a broad base and strong materials to ensure it keeps your bike upright on uneven ground.
  • Compatibility: Make sure the kickstand is compatible with your e-bike’s frame and wheel size, as well as your budget.
  • Portability: If you plan on riding and stopping frequently, a lightweight, easily adjustable kickstand might be more convenient for you.
  • Firm: Stays up even over bumps and light obstacles.

Fat Tire E-Bike Kickstands

Fat tire e-bikes, with their wider tires and heavier frames, demand a kickstand that can support their extra weight. Some aspects to consider while choosing a kickstand for your fat tire e-bike include:

  • Weight capacity: Ensure the kickstand can support the weight of your fat tire e-bike without bending or having the foot sink too deep.
  • Adjustability: A one-size-fits-all approach might not work for fat tire e-bikes, so look for a kickstand that offers multiple height options to accommodate different tire sizes and terrains (sand, snow, ice).
  • Durability: Fat tire e-bikes are built for tough conditions, and your kickstand should be no different. Choose one made from high-quality materials like aluminum alloy or stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion.

By considering your e-bike’s specific requirements, you can find the perfect kickstand that meets your budget and adds convenience to your riding experience.

Kickstand Bottom Line

There are many different types of e-bike kickstands to choose from. While all of them serve a similar function, get one that is made specifically with what YOU need in mind!

Finding the right kickstand for your e-bike is an important because it will help keep your bike stable and secure when parked. Your kickstand should be suitable for any terrain you might encounter, whether it’s a bump or a pothole. It should also be compatible with your e-bike’s specific design, including the battery, motor, and chain.

Kickstand Installation: DIY or Bike Shop?

When it comes to installing a kickstand on your E-Bike, you might be wondering whether to do it yourself (DIY) or take it to a bike shop for a professional installation. Both options have their pros and cons, depending on your comfort level with tools and bicycle maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of kickstand is best for an E-Bike?

There are several types of kickstands available for E-Bikes, but the best one for you depends on your specific needs and bike design. Center-mount kickstands are popular due to their stability and durability. For E-Bikes with rear loads, such as bags or a child seat, a rear-mount kickstand might be more suitable. Remember to consider factors like stability, ease of installation, and compatibility with your E-Bike.

Where can I buy a compatible kickstand for my specific E-Bike model?

To find a kickstand compatible with your E-Bike model, you can check with your bike’s manufacturer or visit your local bike shop for recommendations. Additionally, various online retailers offer a selection of kickstands suitable for different types of bicycles, including E-Bikes.

How do I install a kickstand on my E-Bike?

Installing a kickstand on your E-Bike typically involves attaching it to the frame using the provided hardware, such as screws and clamps. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that the kickstand is securely fastened to the bike. If you’re unsure about the installation process, consult a professional at your local bike shop for assistance.

What are the recommended brands for E-Bike kickstands?

There are numerous brands offering high-quality kickstands for E-Bikes. Some popular choices include Greenfield, Topeak, and Pletscher. Be sure to research reviews and recommendations for specific kickstand models that are compatible with your E-Bike.

How do I determine the proper kickstand size for my E-Bike?

To find the correct kickstand size for your E-Bike, you’ll need to measure your bike’s frame height, which is typically the length of the vertical tube in the middle of the frame. Many kickstands are adjustable, so reading the kickstand’s description will help you determine if it’s the appropriate size for your bike.

Are there any special features to look for in an E-Bike kickstand?

When looking for an E-Bike kickstand, consider features like adjustability, durability, and ease of installation. Additionally, look for kickstands that provide stable support on different ground surfaces and are designed to withstand the added weight of E-Bikes. Take into account your bike’s specific design and any accessories or loads it’ll be carrying to ensure you choose a kickstand that meets your requirements.

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