How to Add a Kickstand to an eBike

E-bike kickstand

While you may have fallen in love with your eBike, you’ve probably realized that it doesn’t come with a kickstand. Don’t worry; some bikes just don’t offer them upon purchase.

However, if you don’t want to awkwardly prop your eBike against walls, posts, or plants — or, even worse, dump your nice eBike on the floor — then adding a kickstand should be your top priority.

We’ll teach you how to add a kickstand; read on to keep your bike upright.

Why Bother Adding a Kickstand?

A kickstand is a support that keeps your bike standing when not in use. Below are some of the benefits of adding this tool to your ride:


Without a kickstand, the alternative is to lean your eBike on whatever surface is available — including the floor. This won’t only potentially damage your two-wheeler; it may also put unnecessary strain on your body, especially if it’s heavy. With a reliable kickstand on your side, you won’t have to bend down and lift your ride, keeping your back safe and your eBike free of scratches.


Even if you don’t intend to park your bike on the ground, when you lean your eBike against a building or a post, it could topple over without a kickstand. We recommend learning how to add a kickstand to an eBike to keep it steadily upright when not in use.


The best part about installing a kickstand is that you can easily do it on your own — there’s no need to call in a professional to handle the job.

Speaking of simplicity here is an example of an easy-to-install/use kickstand for your ebike.

3 Ways to Install a Kickstand

Are you ready to add a kickstand to your ride? Below are three ways to do it.

Center Mount

One way to install a kickstand is to use a center mount. First, place the bolt on top of the kickstand provision or the bracket that came with the product. Next, turn the bolt with your hand and connect it to the kickstand on the other side. Afterward, tighten the connection with a wrench.

Lastly, try out your new kickstand. If it leans too much on either side, you can loosen the screw and move the kickstand up or down to adjust the height.

Rear Mount

Another option is to install a rear mount. To do this, first prop your eBike on a repair stand. Afterward, unscrew the bolts on the kickstand. The front piece should align with the frame’s rear triangle, and the back piece should align with its interior.

Next, screw all the bolts as needed. You can adjust the height based on your preference.

Kids’ Stand

You might also want to add a kickstand to a kids’ bike.

First, use the designated keys to adjust its height. Afterward, place it in such a way that it kicks to the back instead of forward. Next, clamp the kickstand on the provision on the bicycle.

The last step is to check that the kickstand doesn’t get in the way of the rotation of the pedals. Give them a few turns — if nothing collides, you’re in the clear. Adding a kickstand can be just the finishing touch that your eBike needs to keep it clean and safe.

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