Cycling Sun Protection Guide: Essential Tips

used beach crusier

One of the best things about cycling is that you get to spend quality time outdoors. Cycling is fantastic exercise and recreation, but spending long hours under the sun can cause harm. Protecting yourself from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays is crucial to avoid sunburns and skin damage and reduce the risk of skin cancer. One … Read more

4 Steps to Revitalize Your Rusty Bike Chain

Cleaning Bike Chain

Evaluating the Condition of Your Bike Chain When confronted with a rusty bike chain, the first step is to assess its condition. Is it just a few spots of rust, or has rust invaded your entire chain? For minor rust spots, cleaning is the recommended course. However, it may be time to consider a replacement … Read more

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Bike Ride

ME Trail Ride

Embarking on your cycling journey can be both exciting and intimidating, especially for those who are new to the sport. Cycling is a versatile and excellent way to stay active, making it perplexing why finding your riding niche is such a challenge. Fear not! Here are five simple bike enhancements that can make your ride … Read more

Can I Put Fat Tires on a Regular Bike? The What and Why

fat tire beach cruiser

Can I add fat tires to my regular bike? Sure, you can make the switch to fat tires – with some knowledge and a bit of elbow grease or the help of your local bike shop. But while they’re becoming increasingly popular amongst cyclists everywhere, what do YOU really know about them? Have you ever … Read more

How get a Right Sized Bike you Love

Bike size chart

Buying the right bicycle can be intimidating when you’re just getting started. With so many options available, deciding what kind of bike you want and, more importantly, how to get one that fits you can feel overwhelming. A wrong-sized bike is likely to quickly turn you off because you’ll be uncomfortable, get tired more quickly, … Read more

New England Bike Trails

The Best New England Bike Trails

New England may be famous for its food and historical significance, but many also tout it as the place to be when you’re planning to cruise on some of the best bike trails in the country. New England’s varied topography gives riders access to various types of terrain. Some are beginner-friendly, while others are for … Read more

The Unexpected Benefits for Cycling Seniors

0002 9 25 2022

There are a lot of benefits for cycling as we get older, mostly because we tend to be less active as we age. This leads to losing more muscles and abilities and makes us even less active because of course we now can’t do stuff we used to do when we had more muscles. So … Read more

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