How to Find a Kickstand for Your E-Bike: Quick Guide – Updated for 2023

Bike on kickstand

Finding the perfect kickstand for your e-bike can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available on the market. Kickstands not only offer support for your e-bike when it’s not in use, but also help maintain its stability, protecting it from potential expensive damage. When searching for a kickstand, it’s crucial to consider … Read more

What Cycling Caps to Wear This Summer?

Summer City Ride 2022

Cycling caps are an essential part of activewear for cycling in all different seasons. The article will go into detail about the best use cases: winter, summer, men and women.

Indoor Cycling Shoes in 2023?

First Spin Class

Improve your indoor cycling game by using the right cycling shoes – They can make or break your indoor cycling fun.

Road Cycling Gear for New England Rides

Biking in Toronto

New England bike rides have will encounter a diverse climate that can range from hot and humid summers to cold fall foliage rides. When road cycling, it’s important to wear appropriate gear that will keep you comfortable, safe, and well-prepared for the ever changing conditions. We’re going to quickly cover the most important elements of … Read more

5 Handlebar Small Bags for Daily Riding

Handlebar Bag

A handlebar bag is as essential for a daily bike rider as a wallet or a purse is for everyone. Small bags come in various shapes and sizes and can fit on nearly all bicycle types with ease. When you’re looking for accessories for your bike, start by prioritizing your needs and wants to find … Read more

What Is the Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Women?

Bike Saddle

Whether I’m planning a long-distance cycling trip or I like to ride a few miles after work sometimes, I need a comfortable bike seat for women. If my seat isn’t high-quality or if it doesn’t fit properly, it’s hard to pedal without aches in my backside, legs, and lower back. If you’re like me, read … Read more

Get the Lowdown on Bicycle Mirrors

Bike mirror

With all of the focus on safety in the cycling world, one topic draws some pretty serious debate: bicycle mirrors. If you’re a new rider trying to sort out everything you need for a safe and fun riding experience, you have probably wondered whether you should add a bike mirror to your kit. When you … Read more

Mountain Bike Protective Gear: Essential Items for Safe Riding

Mt Bike Parts in the Sky

Mountain biking is an exhilarating sport that can sometimes lead to unexpected falls and injuries. Whether one is a professional rider tackling challenging terrain or a beginner discovering the thrill of off-road cycling, wearing the right protective gear won’t prevent spills, but it can reduce the likelihood you have to visit the ER. Bike protection … Read more

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