Do You Need a Bike Light in MA?

0007 8 22 2022
Night ride home in Boston, MA

Bikers should exercise the same amount of care as any vehicle driver on the road. Similar to those who drive cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles, each state has its laws and regulations for local bikers to follow. In Massachusetts, there are laws enforced to ensure the bikers’ safety, as well as the safety of those who are on the road alongside them. With that, each biker in MA must know the responsibilities and laws they must uphold as they roam the area.

Do You Need a Bike Light Mass?

The short answer is yes. Many bikers in Massachusetts choose to continue biking, even after dark. There are no laws stating that you cannot bike during the evenings. However, it significantly increases the likelihood of an accident. Almost half of the reported cycling deaths in the country are due to bikers’ lack of light as they cycle through the evenings. This is the main reason why the Mass government has implemented a law stating that cyclists must have visible lights on their bikes. Accidents are inevitable but exercising enough care and taking proper precautions can ensure your safety, no matter what the situation.

What Kind of Bike Light Do I Need?

The MA government has provided a specific set of criteria for which kinds of bike lights are compatible with the law. Here are the things that you will need to purchase to comply with the law:

●  All bikers must have a white light attached to the front of their bicycle. The light must be bright enough to be seen from a 500-foot distance.

●  All bikers must attach a red light to the rear of the bicycle. The light should be visible from a distance of 500 feet. The light can also be substituted with a red reflector, which must be visible from at least 600 feet and can be seen once illuminated by another vehicle.

●  Additionally, cyclists must have reflectors on their bike’s pedals. If not on the pedals, then bikers can place the reflective material around their ankles. The reflective material must be visible from a distance of 600 feet.

When Do I Need To Turn on My Bike Light in MA?

Your bike light should be on one hour before sunset. There is no exact time, as the lighting is subject to change depending on the time of the year. If you plan to cycle during the evening or early morning, then you must keep the bike light timeframe in mind to avoid penalties. Those who fail to comply will be charged a fine up to $20.


All bikers in Massachusetts must invest in the necessary equipment to comply with the state’s laws and ensure their safety. For more information about laws related to cycling and transportation in Massachusetts, kindly see our other blogs or message us directly.

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