My top 5 New Hampshire bike tracks near me

We are always looking for new bike tracks near us where we can enjoy the serenity of being outdoors rather than being stuck indoors. In my quest to discover new bike trails I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite local New Hampshire track rides with you. Please share some of your own favorite bike trails with me in the comments below so we can expand this NH list with new bike rides to explore!

  1. Ashuelot Recreational Rail Trail
  2. Cotton Valley Rail-Trail
  3. Franconia Notch Recreation Path
  4. Londonderry, NH Rail Trail
  5. Nashua, NH River Rail Trail

Ashuelot Recreational Rail Trail

Ashuelot Bike Trail

Trail length: 21 miles from Keene, NH to Winchester
Trail surface: asphalt, gravel, dirt/mud
Bike type: I would definitely recommend riding your mountain or gravel bike.
Time: Roughly 2 hours

For parking lots and directions view the map here

Starting from Keene there is parking available in the Colony Mill Shopping center lot across from the trailhead. The address is 149 Emerald St, Keene, NH 03431.

Starting from Hinsdale, there is a parking lot at 448 NH-63, Hinsdale, NH 03451 (42.758615, -72.470920)

The trail starts as an asphalt path that passes through the campus of Keene State College. The trail continues into downtown Keene with a big bridge over the highway and continues unpaved towards its southern end. Depending on the weather, be prepared to face a dirt/mud trail forward.

The trail offers beautiful views of the Ashuelot River, several covered bridges, and a few old mill buildings in various states of disrepair. The trail from Depot Street near Riverside Lane in Swansey has large sections of loose gravel with several sections of puddles and mud where it is ok if you’re on a mountain bike, but I would not recommend it for road bikes. From Riverside Lane up to Keene trail is wide and in a better shape, with the last few miles covered in asphalt.

Cotton Valley Rail-Trail

Cotton Valley Rail Trail

Trail length: 6.2 miles
Trail surface: gravel
Bike type: Mountain bike or at least something with wider tires is recommended.
Time: Roughly 35 minutes

For parking lots and directions view the map here

If you’re looking for starting the trail from the northwest part, You have public parking nearby the Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce at Wolfeboro, NH 03894 (43.587155, -71.210978)

The trail is almost totally flat and there’s plenty of shade, but keep in mind that the trail is really narrow and with rails still in place so be extra careful. If you choose to ride it, wear a helmet.

Franconia Notch Recreation Path

Franconia Notch Recreation Bike Path

Trail length: 8.6 miles
Trail surface: paved
Bike type: Any type of bike will do.
Time: Roughly 1.2 hours

For parking lots and directions view the map here

The Franconia Notch Recreational Path is a paved path through the Franconia Notch State Park in the White Mountain National Forest. Commonly called the Recreation Path, the 8.7-mile trail visits most of the park’s attractions, such as the Old Man of the Mountain Historic Site, Echo Lake, and Flume Gorge roughly following the I-93 through the pass. For this reason, you may find this trail to be a bit noisy.

The trail winds through beautiful woods, and you can enjoy scenic views such as the Echo Lake,  The Basin waterfall, Profile Lake, the former location of The Old Man in the Mountain, the amazing rock climbers known as Cannon Cliffs, and the Cannon Mountain Ski Area.

Note: On Google maps, you may see the trail marked as Via Pemi Trail, when in fact Via Pemi Trail is shorter (3.6 miles), running in parallel with the Notch Recreational Path for a while, and is not so well maintained.

Londonderry Rail Trail

Londonderry Bike Trail

Trail length: 4.5 miles
Trail surface: paved
Bike type: Any type of bike will do.
Time: Roughly 30 minutes

For parking lots and directions view the map here

This is a very nice, flat, and easy trail. The only few things to mention are that you have no dedicated parking at its southeast end, and you have to cross some busy roads while on the trail.

Nashua River Rail Trail

Nashua River Bike Trail

Trail length: 12.4 miles
Trail surface: paved
Bike type: Any type of bike Road, Mountain, or Gravel.
Time: Roughly 1 hour

For parking lots and directions view the map here

The trail moves across two states, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. From Nashua River Rail Trail Parking Lot on Gilson Road, NH to Ayer, MA

Spacious enough the trail is well maintained and with plenty of shade. While paved from start to finish, you can still go off track on some dirt paths near the river if you’re on a mountain bike.
The trail passes through Pepperall, MA where you can grab a drink in case you forgot to get one prior to leaving.

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