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A Guide to Women’s Bike Shorts for Commuting

Ready to start commuting again? Let’s review some of the best women’s bike shorts for commuting!


Women’s bike shorts can vary depending on the make and model. However, two key factors that all bike shorts should share are padding and cut.

Every good cycling short will have a chamois that helps protect your rear from pain.

The chamois (or padding) should provide comfort, support, and have great wicking qualities to control moisture inside the shorts.

Cycling shorts should favor a free moving body.

An anatomical cut means the shorts are formed in a way that places seams away from rubbing body parts, while using the main stretch of the fabric to support the body. 

When looking for a pair of women’s bike shorts that you can use on the commute you want to find something that is discreet. The shorts need to be comfortable, highly breathable, with the ability to fit underneath your work trousers or jeans.

A good commuter short will be lightweight and comfortable enough to wear on your busy route to work. It should be durable enough to last the five-day working week without too much wear and tear.

What are the Best Women’s Bike Shorts for Commuting?

We have three pairs of women’s bike shorts suitable for commuting, selected for their great versatility.

They all feature a lightweight minimalist chamois, offering comfort and support while being discreet enough.

They all have excellent moisture wicking qualities and breathability. You can be confident that you don’t sweat in your work uniform and ruin it.

These shorts are light and compact enough to take off at your workplace and stow away in your frame mounted cycle bag. This makes them ideal for commuting or keeping for some after-work exercise.

You will love our top three commuter shorts for women for their excellent quality, comfort, and support.

Without further ado lets take a look at these, starting with the Fixie Short by Terry.

The Fixie Short



Made of a beautifully heathered Italian nylon/spandex performance fabric, the Fixie Short is something totally different ¬– a padded, stretchy, loose fit bike short. It sports a wide, elastic free waistband, figure flattering rear panel, loose tapered legs with side zip pocket on hip and 2 open rear patch pockets. The Fixie also comes equipped with Slite Chamois with cooling, antibacterial open cell foam. Flat seam construction throughout; 11 inch inseam.

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The Fixie Short by Terry is made from heathered Italian nylon/spandex performance fabric.

This is a loose-fitting pair of bike shorts that are lightweight and perfect for the commuter.

These shorts are lightweight with minimalist padding making them ideal for commuting and day cycles alike.

The lightweight minimalist design of these shorts makes them ideal for the commuter. They can easily fit in a small work bag once at work, or discreetly worn underneath your work clothes comfortably.

The chamois (or padding) in this women’s bike short is constructed with antibacterial, cooling open-cell foam.

This style of chamois keeps you comfortable, cool, and dry while being light enough to wear on the commute.

It has three pockets for stowing away your valuables, one zipped pocket on the hip, and two open patch pockets on the rear.

These shorts feature a flat seam construction with an anatomical cut that keeps you comfortable and reduces chaffing.

Overall, the Fixie Short is the ideal loose-fitting commuter short for work and pleasure.

The Eden Short



If you’re looking for a great summer riding short with liner included, it doesn’t get better than the Eden. Club Ride knows how to make very detailed stretch woven shorts that are shaped beautifully and seem to mold themselves around your waist. An internal Velcro system allows you to dial the fit; lightweight 4-way stretch woven fabric enhances mobility on the bike; single snap zippered fly; gusseted crotch gives you the added flexibility of wearing without liner and not having any seams through the center; 1 zippered pocket on left leg fits a smartphone; 2 front and 2 rear pockets add utility; removable Damselcham padded liner is intended for rides 2+ hours in duration.

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The Eden Short by Terry is a low cut loose-fitting cycling short fit for the commuter.

These women’s cycling shorts are ideal for summer commuting due to their breathable loose-fitting design.

These shorts will not disappoint. They are made from high-quality flexible nylon/spandex and feature a minimalist chamois for ultimate cooling and comfort on the commute or day-long pleasure cycles.

We recommend this short to the commuting cyclist that lives in a hot city during the summer months.

These cycling shorts are sure to keep you cool on hot, sweaty commutes through the city. They are also a great versatile all-rounder that you can use for any day-long cycling venture, whether that may be urban, or rural.

Overall, the Eden Short is the best summer bike short for the commuter. You won’t be disappointed with its outstanding quality and performance.

The Club Short Long-Cut



Terry’s lightweight, lightly padded Club Short Long excels indoors or out where high heat and humid conditions prevail. 9 inch length and 4 panel flat-seam construction; gentle elastic enclosed in hemline won’t ride up and won’t irritate the skin; side-zippered key pocket for security; minimalist chamois constructed of soft, fast-wicking fleece. Made in the USA. Mid-rise. (Note: Club Short with 4.5 inch inseam also available.)

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The Club Short by Terry is a long cut pair of tight-fitting women’s bike shorts made from a nylon/spandex performance fabric.

They provide an anatomical long-cut that reduces chaffing with a flat-seam construction. The enclosed elastic in the hemline is comfortable yet supportive enough to stop your shorts riding up the waist.

The Club Short by Terry is a versatile pair of women’s cycling shorts that can be used in all aspects of cycling.

They are great for the commuter that wants something tight-fitting that can be worn underneath their work clothes.

Its minimalist padding and lightweight skin-hugging design make it virtually impossible to see under even the tightest of jeans or trousers.

They are perfect for indoor spin classes and give you plenty of support and comfort when spinning at high RPM’s. However, they are also ideal for the day cyclist that wants a lightweight pair of shorts for exploring.

Overall, the Club Short is the ideal all-rounder for the commuter cyclist looking for a tight-fitting pair of women’s bike shorts to use indoors, outdoors, and on the commute.

They are high-quality and great in all but the coldest of seasons.

Can You Wear Women’s Bike Shorts Under Jeans?

If you buy the right pair of cycling shorts, you can discretely wear them underneath a pair of jeans or trousers to provide comfort while cycling to work or a restaurant dinner.

When you’re looking for a pair of women’s bike shorts to wear under your favorite jeans or trousers you want to find something either light or tight-fitting.

This will make it easier to fit your jeans over the top without giving away the fact that you are wearing a pair of cycling shorts.

A minimalist chamois provides enough padding to support you through your cycle while not giving away that tell-tale padded bulge that keeps you so comfortable during your ride.

Remember that although it is very possible to wear these three cycling shorts underneath trousers of jeans you won’t get the full benefit of wearing them without the additional layer.

We recommend wearing only your cycling shorts and then changing out of them and into your work uniform once at the office.

This will give you much more flexibility, comfort, and breathability. You won’t have to risk getting your uniform dirty during the commute.

If you can change at work, then wear your shorts without anything over the top.

If you can’t change at work, then wearing a pair of cycling shorts under jeans or trousers still gives you comfort from the padding.

Comfortable Cycling Shorts for Commuting

When selecting the best bike shorts for women it is important to find something that balances performance and comfort with usability and discreetness in the workplace.

You want to look for a pair of cycling shorts that are made from a performance fabric, with an anatomical cut and a design that supports breathability and wicking during intense rides.

Along with these factors you want to ensure they have a chamois that is supportive and comfortable to use. It should be light and minimalist enough to wear underneath your work attire or compactly stored away.

Overall, select something that you feel comfortable in either tight-fit or loose-fit, and ensure the chamois and flexibility of the short’s fabric is good.

All three of Terry’s products mentioned here have five-star Italian chamois and offer comfort in a lightweight and durable package.

If you are looking for quality and comfort then Terry has everything you could ask for. “Ride It, Wear It, Love It, Or Return it”.

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